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  • Wuxi Subway Line 2

Wuxi Subway Line 2

This project is the Wuxi East Station of Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway, 629.55m length, 20.50m width.
  Because the support scaffolding system need to bypass the position of piles ,columns and structural girders and some walls, so it’s difficult to design the formwork and scaffolding system. The base wall is 1.1m, external wall is 5.71m, internal wall is 5.11m, system need to meet the needs of built of base to wall, wall to roof, the wall is high, side pressure is big, and can’t use the lifting appliance when dismantle the formwork, so the whole process include the erect and dismantle is difficult.
This project use “Rapid” Scaffolding,use two Rapid technical to meet the need of erect and dismantle, to ensure the project time line. Otherwise, this project save lots of material and labor for customer.


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