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1,The client may provide the required product type, quantity, size and surface treatment requirement or provide project details information, then Rapid Scaffolding technology department offer the plan,calculate the actual product amount,sales department offer the quotation.

2,After both sides decided the price,payment and delivery date, the Rapid Scaffolding company would make the PI ,than client pay the advance payment or L/C.

3,Rapid Scaffolding company will arrange production after recived the payment.

4,The sales will update the production status to the customer at any time during the production.

5,The sales will inform the client at the end of production, whether they need to personally or entrust the third party inspection.

6,Booking shipment, receiving the balance.

7,If TT,release documents to the balance payment, give the bill of lading, invoice and packing list and other documents to the customer clearance delivery;If L/C,after shipment, the Rapid Scaffolding to the L/C in time of the stipulated documents submitted to the bank, the bank received after release.