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Octagon system scaffolding connecting ring introduction

Jun 14th, 2019 | Categories: news

Connected with octagonlock, Octagonlock system scaffolding (below Rapid scaffolding in short) is patent product of Wuxi Rapid Scaffolding (Engineering) Co., Ltd, and widely used both in and abroad engineering.

Approved by Jiangsu Construction Department and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, it is confirmed by well-known experts to fill in domestic blank in China. With state-of-the-art production, it is listed as one of 10 new construction project technologies promoted by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development in 2010.

1.Connection parameters, welding inspection, strength index, combination characteristics
2.Welding Inspection
In order to evaluate the grain structure, morphology and orientation of the joint and the steel pipe, precipitation and slag inclusion, and various cracks and voids, appearance can be checked by visual and metallographic examination while internal performed by ultrasonic non-destructive testing. If it is unable to make the judgment, radiographic test can be taken.

3. Strength Index
4. Combination characteristics
4.1 Strongly torsion resistant and stable, octagonlock is connected with a pin. The U-shaped groove of the ledger head is in surface contact with the edge of the octagonlock on the vertical pole, and with a pin forming a stable and reliable triangular force system, of highly torsional rigidity and semi-rigidity in the node.

4.2 The ledger hear of the cross-bar joint is designed to be in close contact with the surface of the vertical steel tube. The head is tightened to the left, right, upper and lower limits, ensuring displacement not occurring and enhancing the structural integrity.
4.3 The bottom of the pin is designed as a hook. The total width of the hook is larger than the corresponding hole length of the cross-bar joint. Even if not tightened, the pin won’t  trip (a>b). With strong self-locking ability, the frame reliability could be guaranteed in the complex working condition.

Forged or casting octagon rings have large joint stiffness. When combined with pin, the pin could be self-locking and anti-jumping.

Rapid scaffolding vertical connecting ring connects the crossbar and the diagonal pole in 8 directions. The axis of the vertical pole, the crossbar and the diagonal pole meet at one point. It belongs to the second force member. The force transmission path is simple and clear, and the structure stable and reliable. Of high bearing capacity and strongly torsional rigidity, it’s easy and quick to install and dismantle, saving time and labor; carefully chosen steel grade and material, the ledgers are of beautiful outlook and lasting long time.