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​Scaffolding Comprehensive Introduction--Structure Requirement

Jun 21st, 2019 | Categories: news
Scaffolding Comprehensive Introduction (1)

“Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards.”

Does everything shall be complied with certain norms or standards.

Scaffolding construction also need comply with rules Construction requirement.

The surface of wedge should be totally touched with horizontal brace and diagonal brace end through hammering to prevent loosing.
Scaffolding Comprehensive Introduction (2)
The exposed length for formwork bracket adjustable base screw rod is not more than 300mm and the height for the base ledger is not more than 550mm. The length for the formwork bracket adjustable bracket extending from the top horizontal brace or the cantilever of the double channel steel joist is strictly prohibited to exceed 650mm, and the exposed length of the screw rod is also strictly prohibited to exceed 400mm.

For a long strip of independent formwork bracket, the ratio of the total height of the scaffold to the width of the scaffold H / B should not be greater than 3.

The step distance of support scaffold horizontal brace is not greater than 1.5m, and the step distance of work scaffold horizontal brace should not over 2.0m.
Scaffolding Comprehensive Introduction (3)
Wall tie must use rigid rods that can stand the tensile and compressive loads. The horizontal spacing of the wall tie should not over 3 spans, and the vertical spacing should not be greater than the building height and should not over 2 steps.
Scaffolding Comprehensive Introduction (4)
A vertical diagonal bar shall be provided every 5 spans along the longitudinal direction of the outer side of the frame body or a fastener steel pipe clamp shall be provided between every 5 spans.