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Sliding Formwork Combined with Rapid Octagonlock Modular Scaffold​

May 9th, 2019 | Categories: news

The steel formwork has been wildly used in metro station and tunnel project, it could not only guarantee the dimension and shape of the sturcture, meet the design standard, but also be much more durable and could be used repeatly more time companed with the traditional plywood formwork. However, as the heavy weight of the steel formwork itself, it needs the lifting equipment badly when doing the construction, then reduces the efficiency quite a lot, or even affects the progress of the whole project. While the Rapid Modular Rail Sliding Formwork Combined with Octagonlock Scaffolding is a kind of much more advanced system developped by Rapid Scaffold team, with advantage of the high load capacity and good stability of the Octagonlock scaffold, it decreases the demand for big lifting equipment, using the bracket, and high tensile bolt &nut to assemble the section rail, then has a moving cantilever platform, this system is mainly applicated in the metro station and tunnel project. And it was honored to be selected as the new and high-tech product by Jiangsu Province in 2016.

The line 2 of Wuxi Metro is the second metro line in Wuxi city, with total length of 26.6km and 22 stations. One of the stations – Anzhen station is the terminal station of this line, and it is an island platform with 2 basment underground. And during the construction, our this modular system sliding formwork combined with Octagonlock scaffold was used in this project, resolving the short  of big lifting equipment problem, and help the clients finish the project on time, then obtained a very high opinion from customers.