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Rapid Scaffolding Attended the first CONCRETE ASIA

Rapid Scaffolding Attended the first CONCRETE ASIA

The Concrete Asia 2016, with theme of commercial concrete, was opened at the IMPACT Exhibition Center in Bangkok, Thailand during September 21-23, 2016. The exhibition provided an interactive platform for exhibitors, suppliers, industry visitors and concrete experts to communicate.

According to the data analysis, there are more than 300 international exhibitors and more than 15,000 visitors participate in this fair.

A set of octagonlock scaffold support system and a set of ringlock scaffold facade system exhibited by Rapid Scaffolding, which attracted a large number of visitors to visit, consult and negotiate.

As we all know, Thailand has extremely advantageous geographical location, relies on its superior location resources and investment environment, Thailand has become the important transport hub of China's merchandise entering into the ASEAN countries and regions. Thailand has a huge market potential, the Thai government is actively encouraging the strengthening of infrastructure construction by the end of 2014, the Thai government announced that 240 million baht will be invested in transportation infrastructure. Expansion of infrastructure investment will generate considerable demand for scaffolding.

Rapid Scaffolding is deploying the Thai market, focusing on Thailand, developing Southeast Asia, integrating into the global market.